World Humanitarian Day 2010

Today is World Humanitarin Day.  In it’s second year, World Humanitarian Day will be celebrated across the world, to raise awareness about humanitarian work and honor those who  lost their lives giving of themselves.

This day was established by the General Assembly (GA) of the United Nations in 2008.

Reuters shared in a press release

Aid workers operate in some of the most insecure countries around the world to ensure that emergency medical supplies, food, shelter, and water and sanitation – life’s most basic necessities – reach millions of people whose lives have been torn apart by natural disaster and conflict. World Humanitarian Day aims to draw attention to the increasingly difficult conditions humanitarian personnel work under – including a disturbing trend which has increasingly seen them become the direct targets of attacks. Importantly, the day particularly highlights the plight of those in need of assistance.

Thank you to each and every humanitarian worker who puts others before themselves. You are all making a difference in our world.

Here is a short video on the 2010 World Humanitarian Day Project



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