You sold what on craigslist?!? The July edition

I know, I know–it’s August already.  Don’t judge!  The item in question actually sold in July.  Wanna know what it is?  So did a lot of other people, apparently.  I got many “I don’t want to buy this, but can you tell me what it is” emails.  Really?  Don’t you have a modern encyclopedia to tell you what it is, buddy?

Anyhoo, in 3 white-hot July seconds, I managed to sell our Kidco Peapod.  Here’s the ad of power:

Kidco Peapod travel bed

Terrific little blue travel bed for your infant or toddler. Like-new condition–used twice by a visitor, sadly now much too small for my own little person.

Stored in original box–much smaller and easier to use than a pack-n-play.

Proceeds will benefit the programs of

One less box in the basement, a few more dollars in the EOR treasury!



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