‘If I had a hammer, I’d hammer in the morning…

Another amazing update from Desalegn about the building project that EOR is funding!  I am so profoundly grateful to each of YOU who made this a reality.  Your gifts are building a home for the orphans of Shanto.  Thank you, thank you,


EOR: This is the Building which the Hammer You Sent Us will Build for My Children!

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Thank you Ethiopian orphan Relief, Inc. (EOR) so many times for this beautiful building which will be started soon. We do not have enough words to express our pleasure for your great supports. This will be the first and the most beautiful building in Shanto that your money will build for my children and people. Any suggestions and comments are welcome in order to improve the buildings quality. As I have BSc degree in Civil Engineering, I can adopt some good suggestions and comments which fits with our soil property and other aspects. Thank you all for participating to build a home for homeless children in Shanto!!! This is really great for the people of Shanto. -Desalegn


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