Are you creative?

Do you sew? Can you thread a needle? Imagine the joy a little girl in Ethiopia would feel to be able to pick out and have her very own brand new dress?

In December friends of EOR will be traveling to Ethiopia to help with the building of FOVC (Friends of Vulnerable Children) school, orphanage and other tasks. As you know EOR recently gifted over $21,000 to FOVC to start these projects.

Would you like to help make pillow case dresses for the girls in Ethiopia? Lory came up with the great idea of taking these dresses. She will hand deliver on their trip.

Below is some info on the making a pillow case dress that Lory provided. If you would like to help please contact  for mailing instructions.

Here are a few sites that look pretty good to me:

  • Site #1 (you can click to get a pdf instruction sheet).
  • Site #2 (includes lengths for girls up to 8-9 years old)
  • Site #3 (includes tips for cute embellishments and etc.)

Most of  these patterns are for girls size 2T to 8-9 years old. “Site #3” includes the following tip: You can adjust a pillowcase dress for older girls as well, by simply cutting a bigger armhole and adding fabric to the hem. The nice thing about sizing a pillowcase dress is that it doesn’t have to be precise. So, if you are handy with these things, please consider making some longer dresses for girls who are 10’ish to 13’ish years old!

Here are photos of these darling dresses. They are so cute!

  • On a related note, here is a pattern for a little “bandana dress”–very cute, too!

Thanks for your support!



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