a great update

Another fabulous post from Desalegn, about the toilet facilities YOU are building in Shanto.  It’s only been a week–look how fast your donations were put to work.  Thank you, thank you, thank you all!



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Our current toilet facility is somewhat very difficult to use, especially for little children and my staff. (Scroll down to watch our current toilet facility.) It was our primary need to build a toilet with its full facility. So we have started building a toilet house with four rooms. Here are some pictures, which my documentation and record staff, took from our new toilet facility building site.

We are highly prepared to start our other buildings such us bedrooms and bathrooms for orphans with especial need, kitchen facility, multipurpose hall, school, and bedrooms for different guests who come to visit their sponsored children and/or to provide service for our children and villagers and etc. These all is new in the life of Shanto and me. Thank you all for your huge love and support for this great change in Shanto!!! -Desalegn


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