YOU astound me!

I wanted to share this terrific blog post with you.  Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children is our newest partner.  Desalegn and his team have been so thrilled that EOR has signed on to support them.  We’ve gotten lots of thank yous, beautiful blog posts, etc.  None of those tributes means as much as this does.  Thank you to each and every one of you for supporting EOR’s work.  YOU are the reason for this post.  Look what you have accomplished!

With immense gratitude,



Thanks to our sole partner, ETHIOPIAN ORPHAN RELIEF, INC. (EOR), we have started building many beautiful blokes like bedrooms for especial orphans, toilet with four rooms, bathroom with three classes and a beautiful kitchen facility.  We will update you all with our new building blokes as soon as possible.  Thank you so many times EOR and our hard working Board Members and Staff! For your surprising, our old toilet looks like the following picture. But today it becomes history for my children. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you EOR and FOVC’s Board Members for the coming new beautiful toilets and other buildings!!!!!



3 thoughts on “YOU astound me!

    • Agreed–it is a beautiful match. I can’t believe FOVC has managed to move forward so quickly. That is the most exciting part–our money is doing good–NOW!
      A million thanks for connecting us,

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