You sold what?!? on craigslist–the June edition

Remember, I’ve pledged to sell at least one item on craigslist each month, donating all proceeds to the various projects of  EOR.  Some months, the items to sell just seem to find me.  See below:

We have extra black dress mulch (approximately 1.5 -2 cubic yards). It is available for

pick up. 30.00 takes the load– the money will benefit the projects of Ethiopian Orphan Relief, Inc. (

This is the remaining pile. Man in picture used to show scale, he is NOT included in the sale of this item!

The mulch pile (2 full loads in an F150!) sold in approximately 39 seconds.  The pile that has blocked the driveway, necessitating a 9 pt turn to get in and out of the garage, for the last 7 weeks—GONE!  Donating the money to EOR took another 39 seconds.  Life is good.
Sell something on craigslist to benefit EOR.    All that stands between you and the orphans who need your help is 78 seconds.

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