EOR has a new partner!  Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children is located outside the village of Shanto, in the Wolaito zone of southern Ethiopia.  This is one of the poorest parts of the country, and the children in this region are truly suffering.  Desalegn Daka gave up his job as an engineer to return to this region to help provide for the kids of his hometown.  Desalegn’s goal is to build an orphanage and school for these children, so they can learn and grow in a nurturing environment.  And EOR is going to help.

You can read more about FOVC here.  There are pictures there of the children after the distribution of clothes and shoes donated by a family visiting from the US.  It is amazing to see how excited they are to receive such basic necessities.   But, as always, WE CAN DO MORE!!!  To help EOR accomplish Desalegn’s dream of providing a real home and school for these children, donate here.  Your love and support is unbelievably appreciated!


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