In case you’ve been following my previous posts, and are dying to know how the finale of Top Chef Masters ended, I am so excited to report that he did it.  Marcus won, confirming that he is one of the best chefs in the country (if not THE best). In the final round each chef had to prepare a three course meal that exemplified their life journeys.  Marcus’s final course was inspired by his African roots, and he said that he took a chance because he really wants to introduce African cuisine to the American palate.  The risk paid off!

With his win, Marcus’s charity – the UNICEF Tap Project – will get $100,000.  The UNICEF Tap Project brings clean and accessible water to millions of children around the world.  I got tears in my eyes when Marcus showed a picture of his sister, who still lives in Ethiopia; Marcus said that she wakes up at 3:00 am every day to walk miles and miles for water.

It is my sincere hope that with programs like the Tap Project,  and Water First, children can go to school every day instead of spending their days in search of water, and that they can have clean, healthy water instead of water infested with bacteria and disease.

Marcus’s win reminds me of the lyrics from the GooGoo Dolls’ song Better Days.  “And the one poor child who saved this world, And there’s 10 million more who probably could, If we all just stopped and said a prayer for them.”


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