Team Mitch

Remember the awesome teen from Wisconsin, Mitch who founded Peace is the Goal. He wanted to “do something” to help children in need.

This past December EOR was honored to take a dozen soccer balls, storage bag and ball pump to the girls at Children’s Heaven that Mitch had donated. Before this generous gift, the girls had only one soccer ball to kick around.

Mitch was recently selected by PEOPLE magazine as one of the finalists in the People All-Stars Amoung Us program to honor community service leaders in America. Mitch has donated more then $20,000 worth of soccer equipment to needy children in 37 countries. Peace is the goal has directly impacted more then 10,000 kids on five continents. He works three jobs in order to earn the money that fund Peace is the Goal.

Here is how you can help honor Mitch. As a finalist in the People’s All-Stars program he needs our internet-based votes to be the representative at this year’s Major League Baseball All Star game in Anaheim, California. To vote for Mitch please go to and click on the Milwaukee Brewers tab. Then click on the photo that says Mitch Arnold. You are welcome to vote as many times as you like after hitting refresh on your screen. Please vote by June 20th.

Mitch, thanks for all you do! Your making a difference in our world!

Here are some photos of the girls at Children’s Heaven enjoying the donation of soccer balls.

Go team Mitch!



One thought on “Team Mitch

  1. This makes me teary eyed! Nicely done Mitch. There are not enough people in the world like yourself. I’m sure your family is proud.

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