Marcus Part II

A few weeks ago I blogged about Marcus Samuelsson, a chef who was born in Ethiopia, adopted by a family in Sweden, and is now a world renowned chef.  I am happy to report that Marcus is one of three chefs to make the FINAL ROUND of Top Chef Masters.

This story is of particular importance to me not only because I like cooking, and watch all the tv shows about it that I can find, but it goes to the heart of why I think EOR is so important.  Marcus was 3 years old when he was adopted.  Millions of children in Ethiopia don’t have this opportunity – when they are orphaned they lose the ability to have a supportive family, go to school, or learn a craft.  How many of the children on the streets of Ethiopia would be the next Einstein, the next Picasso, the next Michael Jordan, or the next Marcus Samuelsson?

Every dollar we raise goes directly towards bettering the life of a child in Ethiopia.  We really can make a difference.  Have a great weekend – and good luck Marcus!!!


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