Famous Ethiopians – Chef Marcus Samuelsson

If you’ve been watching Top Chef Masters this will come as no surprise to you, but if not you may not know that one of the world’s most recognized chefs – Marcus Samuelsson (birth name Kassahun Tsegie) – was born in Ethiopia.  Marcus’s mother died when he was three years old, and he and his sister were adopted by a family in Sweden.

Marcus studied at a culinary school in Sweden, then after stints in Austria and Switzerland, came to the United States in 1991.  He now co-owns Aquavit restaurant in New York and C-House Restaurant in Chicago.  Marcus was the youngest chef ever to win a 3 star rating from the New York times, and was named “Best Chef:  New York City” by the James Beard Foundation.  And in 2009 Marcus served as guest chef at the very first state house dinner held by Barack Obama.

Marcus has some tough competition on Top Chef Masters but hopefully he can pull it out.  We’re pulling for you Marcus!!!



4 thoughts on “Famous Ethiopians – Chef Marcus Samuelsson

  1. I am looking to start a vegetarian and ethiopian cuisine restraint looking for advice to start and a full menu to start with would you be able to help me. Thank you much.

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