World AIDS Orphans Day

Today is World AIDS Orphans Day, a day designed to bring attention to the plight of the 15 million children in the world who have been orphaned due to AIDS.   That means there are 15 million children who do not have parents, homes, families – because a preventable virus has shattered their lives.  These children are not only living with the psychological trauma of losing a parent, but they in many cases also face horrible stigmas due to the parents’ condition.  They are shunned from the extended families and communities, forced to live in the streets,  perpetuating the cycle of violence, abuse and neglect.

EOR participated in a marketing campaign by writing letters to the editors of some o f the major newspapers in the country, including the Denver Post.    For a few dollars, you can provide food and medicine to these otherwise forgotten children.  Will you make a small donation today?


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