Teacher Appreciation Week

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week.    All over the fair land, millions of parents are crafting or buying some sort of token to express their gratitude for the work teachers do.  As a former teacher I can tell you I loved all the handwritten notes and cards that came from the students and their families.  I had considerably less appreciation for apple-themed merchandise.  It is really hard to muster enthusiasm for the third apple coffee mug of the day  (not that I wasn’t grateful—I was just less enthusiastic) or yet one more “World’s Greatest Teacher” tote bag or t-shirt.  The gifts were joyfully received, but after a bit, I didn’t know what to do with them all.  I only taught for a little while, but my friend Betty owned apple-themed merchandise that spanned three decades.  The mind reels…

"oh look, another apple..."

Instead of another tote, tee, cup, or lotion, consider a gift to EOR in honor of your favorite teacher.  I’d be happy to send an email acknowledgment or you can mention it in your own handwritten note of gratitude. Let them know that you deliberately opted not to buy an apple mug so that the children of Ethiopia can learn skills that will lead to self-sufficiency.   I think any teacher would  be touched by such a gift.  I know I would (are you reading this, homeschooled son of mine?)  I know Betty would’ve liked it SO much more than another apple mug too.


Teacher Appreciation Donation Spot

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