Choose water

Life is full of choices.  Some great:  Fiji or Portugal this year?   Some small:  Pizza or Subs?  Healthy:  salad instead of fries.  Unhealthy:  triple scoop with hot fudge instead of fruit!

Most of us though, never have to make really tough choices.   I’ve never been forced to choose between dehydration and dirty water.  I’ve never thought that my daughter will carry water for my family rather than go to school.  As maddening as my everyday can be, I’m not called on to make life and death decisions daily.

The people in Kelecho Gerbi do make those difficult choices each and every day.  Filthy water trumps no water,  illiterate daughters are better than going hungry or thirsty.  While the people of this village and much of the rest of Ethiopia will likely never need to choose between Fiji and Portugal, wouldn’t it be lovely if the incredible burden of water-gathering  was removed from their shoulders permanently?

We’ve received many donations to chip away at the $2200 needed to supply the village of Kelecho Gerbi with a lifetime of clean water–Thank you!  At last count, after a record $585.00 in donations yesterday, we need another $1180.00.  Can you help?    Can you choose to give the gift of clean water? Can you choose to honor your mother with a gift of clean water?

We’re hoping that as you end your water-a-thons, the donations will pour in.  Get it?

Here’s the happy donation spot

I’ll thank you.  The people of Kelecho Gerbi will thank you.



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