Give your mama some water! BiG idea

Hey you!
Yep, you–the one reading this post.
It’s that time again.
Nope, not Hammer time.
It’s time to think about………..Mother’s Day!

Most of us celebrate the day, in one way or another.  Flowers, dinner, a new blouse–all fine ways to thank your mom… if a little traditional.

Want a new idea?

Word on the street indicates that WATER is the hip new gift for mamas all over the land.

Easy to give,   easy to wrap,   it’s always the right color,   and it always fits.  It might be  the best idea yet, and you can say that you thought of it.

I won’t mind if you hog the credit.

Here’s the skinny, Winnie:

If you donate to the water fund by May 2, 2010, I will craft a Mother’s Day card that will knock your mama’s socks off!  It can contain a personal message from you as well as a hearty thank you from me. Your enat will know exactly who is helped by your generous gift and she will be oh-so-glad of it.

Donate for one mother or each of the mothers in your life.   Donate so that other mothers, Ethiopian mothers can enjoy the benefit of clean, available water on Mother’s Day and everyday;  just like your own lucky mama.

Paige (who will be thanking lots of mamas in her own life too).

The DONATION hot spot!

*Another 125.00 raised today.  Only 2010.00 left to go!


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