Big Kid interview

My husband and I adopted our oldest son this past fall.  He was almost 8, so has all kinds of stuff to say about everything, although he was being shy during the interview.   He is one of the most amazing kids I know and has taken his world being turned upside down with such wonderful calm and maturity that I am continually impressed.  I am so proud to call him my son.

What was your favorite thing about Ethiopia?

Playing with my friends

What was your least favorite thing about living in Ethiopia?

I didn’t like to break my arm.  (PS, bunkbeds and concrete floors are an ugly combo)

What was the best part about living in Ethiopia?

Playing soccer with my friends

What do you like best about America?

Playing soccer (are you sensing a theme)

What do you not like about America?

I don’t like orange cheese.

Where did you like school better?

Ethiopia.  We got an English test and I got 100 on it.

This interview was punctuated by me giving him obnoxious kisses and calling him my Smoopy Bear at which point he mentioned that the thing he liked least about America was the name Smoopy Bear.  Man, do I love this kid!



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