We Love our Volunteers

I have decided to BLOG about two of our amazing volunteers.   Kimberly Heye and Andrea Lorimor are longstanding supporters of EOR and invaluable volunteers.  As co-chair of the pending Lights of Hope Benefit Auction I have had the privilege of seeing these ladies shine up close and personal.

Andrea Lonas Lorimor has shared her extraordinary talents as a freelance photographer and graphic designer with Ethiopian Orphan Relief for several years now.  She has single handedly captured the true essence of “Lights of Hope” with her photography and design.    During her down time…. Yeah right…..  She is the matriarch of an adorable fun-loving family. She and her husband Rich (who also is also a EOR asset) are parent of two beautiful Ethiopian adoptees brought home in 2007.

Kimberly Heye is another EOR volunteer that never ceases to amaze me.  She is smart, kind, level headed and a voice of reason.  She has been actively involved in The Day of the African Child, Shop 4 a cause and Lights of Hope.   She and her husband are currently raising 5 children. 4 bio and 1 adopted. This glorious family of 6 is planning a move to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in the near future. Kimberely will be teaching and her awesome husband Aser with be overseeing a construction project for Wycliff.  This family will continue to be a huge asset to EOR with their home base in Ethiopia.

Kimberly and Andrea-   Thanks so much for all of your, evenings, weekends and general brain power.


Andrea and family

Kimberly & family


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