Being a Child

We are starting to get a little warm weather where I live and today we were able to get outside and enjoy the day.  While I was watching my kids play I was struck by the thought that there are so many orphans living in Ethiopia who will never get to be so carefree and who will instead bear the burdens and work that are beyond their years.  Some of the children who become orphans will end up living at a care center such as an orphanage, which will take on the responsibility of caring for the many children entrusted to them.  However, such a big job can not be done alone.  That is why I am grateful to be a part of Ethiopian Orphan Relief, who partners with and supports some of these orphanages.  By supporting Ethiopian Orphan Relief I can help to give these children some of the simple childhood experiences that they would not otherwise be able to have.   By attending this year’s Lights of Hope Benefit Auction you too can help to give these children the love, care and chance to be a child.



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