iGive BiG


If you’re like me, money, even for things you really care about, is in short supply. Many of you tell us that you’d like to donate more to EOR, but you just don’t have the extra cash. IF you find yourself in this position, a nice way to donate to Ethiopian Orphan Relief, inc. without sending dollars directly is by joining iGive.com. Turn your everyday online purchases into donations for Ethiopian Orphan Relief, inc. Support EOR with a portion of each purchase at over 700 online stores, just by shopping through iGive.com. iGive is a free service for shoppers and the causes they support. You should also try the sister-site iSearchiGive.com and raise money for EOR every time you search the web. Every search yields a penny or two, and those can add up fast!

Mission: Change online shopping (and searching)…for good! Products: The iGive.com Mall features over 700 online stores including eBay, Expedia, Sephora, Staples, NORDSTROM, Best Buy, Banana Republic, PETCO, iTunes Store, Macy’s, Victoria’s Secret, and hundreds more. New stores are added every week, and they’re happy to take your suggestions. For a complete list of participating stores, visit: http://www.iGive.com/shop.

To join iGive.com to benefit EOR (and receive a 5.00 donation bonus the first time you shop) : www.iGive.com/EOR

To join iSearchiGive: www.iSearchiGive.com/EOR

Most of the online stores I visit are on iGive, so I make money for EOR doing what I’d do anyway. It’s win-win.  In fact,  knowing that a certain percentage of my total benefits EOR eases the pain whether I buy sneakers and fencing equipment for my big kid, books for my mom’s birthday, or toothpaste and moisturizer from drugstore.com

I know I’ve mentioned igive.com time and time again, but watching the money accumulate quickly makes me greedy for MORE–more clean water, more healthy meals, more library books–I want it all!

There are SO many ways to give to the various programs of EOR.  Please consider adding this one to your roster.



Once you join (and you know you’re going to), drop us a comment so we can add you to our ever-growing list of supporters.


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