Big tip #2

I know it’s been said before, but it bears repeating, “Find your community.”

Our local Ethiopian Adoptive Families group meets monthly for an Ethiopian dinner with our friend, Tiru.   I see a good many of these families on a regular basis–we have playdates together, do a  gal’s night out pretty often (although not as often as we might like), throw showers for each other, and in most cases, volunteer together (both for EOR and for ETSS).

All this togetherness is a good thing.  The community is really supportive, great ideas are shared, and greater friendships have been made.  Sometimes though, the monthly dinner in particular,  is difficult to squeeze in.  This particular weekend was filled with:  2 meetings, an all day fencing tournament, dinner and a trip to the symphony (birthday treat for me!) , and a minor league baseball game.    I’d be lying if I didn’t mention thoughts of canceling around 3:00 today.  But then, I think of all that we’d miss by not going.  Our family has developed a close friendship with the restaurant owners.  Although we see many of the families throughout the month, some only drive in for dinner.  Most importantly, new families join the group all the time–they need us too, as much as we needed the group when we first started coming.

There’s a saying that runs through my head especially when life feels a bit frantic, “If you’re busy, meditate for 15 minutes a day, if you’re really busy, meditate for 30.”   While a dinner with the Ethiohio group isn’t meditation, it fills me and the rest of my family in much the same way.  I’m glad we took the time today and on many busy weekends to create the community we have–we are all the richer for it.

my daughter and friends at the September dinner

Astrid Meklit chats up Tiru and Amy last September.



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