Big Embarassment

The theme for this month’s blog-o-rama is big.  As the mom of many, most things in my life are big: big van, big portions of food, big load of homework.  However, I am going to talk about a less discussed part of big families: big embarrassments.

We all have been there, the time when your darling child says something that makes you wish you were invisible.  For example, your three year old son drawing an anatomically correct picture of your husband and explaining it using proper terms to his grandpa’s country club buddies.  Or your five year old parading down the hall at the doctor’s in his underwear, claiming that he is shaking his booty for the doctor’s benefit.  Or your six year old asking you to talk about how he was made with other moms.  “Remember, mom, it all started with a bottle of wine?”  Turns out that young kids don’t get the difference between sarcasm and fact real clearly.

I could go on, but I feel like I have shared enough of my lovely children’s antics.  Please share your own.


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