Young Philanthropists with big hearts

Meet Maya…A Ethiopian Orphan Relief Philanthropist with a big heart! Early this year, Maya made a donation to EOR. Her parents instilled a heart of giving in Maya at a young age. She saves her money each year and gives a portion of it to her favorite charity. This year EOR was honored to receive Maya’s gift. Her generosity will help the feeding program at Children’s Heaven. The girls at Children’s Heaven will be so thankful to Maya and others.

We have known Maya since birth and are so very proud of the young lady she is becoming. Maya has also donated her hair to Locks of Love and is the best Mother’s helper around. Last month Maya was a huge help on our recent family vacation to Disneyland. Thanks Maya for all you do for EOR! You are a wonderful role model to Annie Rose & Anthony. Molly & Jon thank you for raising such a great daughter.

Much Love, Kim

Maya & Annie Rose March 2010

Maya & Annie Rose 2007

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