BiG April tip #1

Talk to a group of 25 adoptive parents about their adoption fears, and after hair care for girls, dealing with packing for the extended overseas trip seems particularly high on the list of all things anxiety-provoking.

I’d like to think I know a little about packing–my fabulous husband has worked out of town each week for the last 2 years, (and for several more over the last 11).  Between us, we’ve learned to pack a carry-on really well.  We also travel a fair bit  (usually more than 6 weeks a year) as a family, and although I think the cargo hold in my Subaru is infinite, in reality,  I need to pack carefully to squeeze it all in.  All of that, coupled with my international trips and I’ve learned a lot about how to minimize my load.

My favorite packing tool is a packing cube*:

The ones from Rick Steves are my absolute favorites–they hold a ton, keep it neat, and add zero bulk to my bag.  They seem so small when empty, but they hold far more than the compression bags–I used those for the trip to Ethiopia, and have never liked them–things wrinkle, the whole bag needs to be opened and then recompressed if you need something, etc.  These cubes, these, my packing pals, are the way to go.

Please add your own fabulous packing tips to this post, and be sure to check out our great packing list.

*This set of packing cubes was found on for 17.00 for the set of three


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