what can i do–the craigslist edition

So, when I joined the board of EOR 2 years ago, I made a monthly financial commitment–this amount is affordable, but not as much as I’d like to give, so I set an additional goal for myself–each month I would find a way to double my pledge without dipping into family finances.  Sometimes, I give a gift in to honor someone.  A few times a year, I sell Shop for A Cause coupons or do gift wrapping at Barnes & Noble– both engagements discharge my psychic debt.  I’ve also hosted a few yard sales, sold some items at the consignment shop, and earlier this year hit upon what might be the best way ever to double my pledge–I sold my useless stuff priceless treasures on Craigslist.

We bought our Barbie Dream House in December of 2008 and find it practically perfect in every way–a gorgeous yard, plenty of room, lots of cabinet and counter space in the kitchen–there’s little I want to change.  In the spring of 2009 (just 15 months after we bought the house!) we thought we were relocating across the country.   In an attempt to minimize the damage the economic downturn had brought, our realtor brought in a stager to help us make things ‘that much better.’  She loved the house, made a few suggestions, moved our desk, and then she made it to the kitchen.  She agreed that the layout is lovely, the cabinets are beautiful, but said that the backsplash had to go.

To be honest, I wasn’t crazy about the backsplash and the matching sink either, but they weren’t on my list for imminent replacement.  It seemed so wasteful to replace the tile–what if the new owners hated our choice?  Within 2 weeks though, I had lovely new subway tile on the wall, and a new vessel sink on the bar.  The usable tile was taken to Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore, but they politely declined the sink.  So it sat.  in my garage.  for many months.

During a thorough dust-up a few months ago, I posted a few items on Craigslist, and at the last-minute, included the sink. I decided I would give EOR any money I made by selling it, and well, 2 days later, I was the proud owner of 35.00–someone else was now the proud owner of the sink.   A bit shocked by the ease of the transaction, I’ve decided that I will sell at least 1 item each month  for EOR and I’ll share the full details here on the blog.

Please join me, and I’ll post your funny stories and pictures too.  You have nothing to lose, but much to gain in the attempt.  I have a lovely sink-shaped space in my garage that now stores other items.  The orphans of Ethiopia have 35.00.  Sounds like a winning combination to me!



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