A hole at the dinner table

I was reading an article about how to be a happier parent this week.  Since it has been two days, I have forgotten most of it, but one of the first questions it asked was what is your favorite time of day with your children.  For me, my favorite time of day, without question, is dinnertime.  Dinner is when everyone sits down and catches up and laughs and talks and connects.  I love dinner.  Nothing makes me feel more proud than watching my family, eating happily around the table.

Perhaps my love of dinner is why all my adoption ideas have started around that table.  Every time I have gotten an itch to adopt, I have looked around my table and seen holes.  People who are missing, faces that should be there. I’ll find myself taking out too many plates and then remembering no, I only have four ( or five or six) kids.  I will feel these empty spaces like a physical loss and know in my heart that someone is missing.   The first dinner after our children come home is like a dream.  The holes are filled, the faces are there.  Each child brings a sense of fulfillment to my table.

After our last adoption, our table was completely full.  We could squeeze in ten chairs, but our table had no room for eleven.  I did the completely logical thing and bought a new table.  Now our table can seat sixteen and perhaps that sense of a missing piece will return.  How did you know that you wanted to add to your family?



One thought on “A hole at the dinner table

  1. Great post Katie! I didn’t always know I wanted to add to my family, and often thought maybe I never would. As I got older I started thinking about it more, and thought a lot about all of the children in the world who needed homes. When my grandmother died, my whole family got together and it all clicked – this is what its about. Family is so important – I wanted one too 🙂


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