What Can I Do?

Here at EOR, we get questions all the time in the realm of “What can I do to help?”  Well, if you live in Portland you can go to Lights of Hope on May 8.  If you live in Denver, you can come to our annual Art for Ethiopia event in November.  If you live in Columbus, you can go to our first annual Dead of Winter Ball next year.  But what if you don’t live in any of those venues, and don’t have an unlimited travel budget? Is there anything you can do to pitch in?

Why yes, so glad you asked.   Whether you live in Albequerque or Alaska, there are lots of fabulous ways you can raise money for EOR from the comfort of your home town.  Here are a few ideas we’ve come up with, if you have any of your own please post them here!

  • Lemonade stand — there is nothing cuter than young children sitting outside on a hot summer day selling lemonade.  And if those children just happen to be adopted Ethiopians, even better.  Who wouldn’t pay $.25 for a cup of lemonade or $.50 for a brownie when the money is going to help orphans?  This is a great way to get kids involved, and,believe me, for whatever reason, they love it!
  • Yard sale – clean out the basement or the garage, get donations from your friends and neighbors, and have a yard sale.  We did this last fall in Denver and not only raised a few hundred dollars but had a blast doing it.  Not only do you get rid of all the crap you’ve been wanting to get rid of, but you raise money for a great cause.
  • Gift wrapping at Barnes & Noble – each year during the holiday season Barnes & Noble opens its doors to allow charities to wrap presents and keep the donations.   B&N provides all the supplies you’ll  need, so bring a few friends, buy a latte at the sure to be attached Starbucks, and spend some QT with your girlfriends wrapping presents for a cause.  Call your local B&N in October to see when you can get on the schedule.
  • Craigslisting of the Month – don’t want to commit to a full day yard sale?  No problem.  Pick an item, sell it on Craigslist and send us the proceeds.  Whether you make $5 or $50 we’ll take it!
  • Ask us how you can get a new EOR credit card.   I know you need another credit card.
  • Your best friend is a budding indie guitar player? Fantastic.  Have him/her do a concert in a park, ask the local ice cream store to donate ice cream, and charge a $5 entry fee.
  • Don’t know any budding indie guitar players?  Don’t worry — you don’t even need them.   Last summer our new board member Jenny planned and orchestrated an amazing “Day at the Park” family event.  For a small fee (say $6 or $7), families can come get hot dogs, chips, play games, and possibly enter a raffle to win that fantastic prize you had donated.  Fun family time at the park on a sunny day – I’d pay $6 for that.
  • Are you a runner?  Triathlete? Cyclist? It turns out people will actually pay you to do that stuff, if you’re donating the $ to a good cause.  Why not ask?

So there you have it.  Eight ways to raise money without ever having to step foot in Oregon.   If you do decide to do any of these things (or have other ideas you implement) please send us pics.  We love pictures of our fabulous volunteers volunteering.  And, let’s face it, it makes the blog a lot prettier.



One thought on “What Can I Do?

  1. I’ve added a shot of my favorite big kid at his lemonade stand for EOR.

    Elliott has been devoted to fund raising for EOR since we began. He’s helped with gift-wrapping, selling tickets for Shop for a Cause, the lemonade stand (he’s eagerly planning for year 3!) and this winter he’s been shoveling snow on EOR’s behalf. He can be such a typical tween–we argue about school work and chores and ‘treating your sister kindly’ so it’s awfully nice to remember just how generous he can be with his time.

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