Getting to know Molly…

Here at EOR we are all volunteers, from board members, advisory members to official EOR volunteers. We thought it would be fun to highlight our wonderful volunteers for all they do and maybe find something new out about them! Today’s highlight is Molly! I first met Molly while shopping at a Portland Mall. She had her three adorable children with her. Her daughter Hana’s beauty caught my eye, as any Mom of a Ethiopian Child can spot other Ethiopian Children a mile away. I casually asked if her daughter was from Ethiopia. We chatted for a few moments and that was it. Over the next year I ran into her and her husband, Joe  at a few charity events and then she was a guest at EOR’s Lights of Hope Auction. A few playdates with the kids lead to a great friendship! Were excited to have Molly as EOR’s newest official volunteer! Thanks Molly for all you are doing for EOR!


Getting to know Molly….

I am the 4th out of 5 kids–4 girls and a boy in my family. I like to say I’m the forgotten 4th but my mom laughs out loud at that one. I grew up in a small town in southern Minnesota. My dad taught me to throw a wicked spiral football and I’l be forever indebted to him for that one among other things. I attended small Catholic schools all my life from kindergarten to college. My graduating class from high school was 22 and that included the foreign exchange student from Brazil. Half of my classmates I had gone to kindergarten with and I couldn’t wait to get away and know no one at college. I did just that and arrived at Notre Dame as happy as can be. I double majored in pre-professional studies (pre-med) and theology-what I like to call a very marketable major. insert laughter there.  My college years were wonderful and fun of crazy experiences one of which was being a sport manager that included the Notre Dame football team. We shagged balls and worked practices and games, I stood on the sidelines while very large humans crashed around me. It was fun stuff. I met and dated my husband at Notre Dame and we got married a few years after graduation.

Post graduation I volunteered with Holy Cross Associates and did crisis counseling for adults in the day center of a homeless shelter in Portland, Oregon. Having no training for that and then jumping in with both feet was a shock but a truly humbling experience in my life. One of the things that came out of that year of service was loving the Pacific Northwest where we’ve been for the past 13 years. The majority of my working years were in pharmaceutical sales up until my first child was born.

My husband Joe and I have 3 kids, ages 3,5, and 7. My theory is the even years are smoother than the odds, but we have many more to go to prove that one for sure. Our youngest was adopted from Ethiopia 3 years ago. I would tell anyone who is considering adoption to do it. I know it is the most important thing I will ever do in my life.  I love to travel, support children’s health by way of the March of Dimes locally and through organizations like EOR in Ethiopia. I’m a big believer in needing a village to raise your family. Sometimes you need close friends to tell you nicely that you are completely and utterly wrong and by the way, crazy.



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