Special Thanks… Mile High Wines.

Hey there everybody

Recently some good friends of ours at Mile High Wines in Lakewood, Colorado, held a wine tasting with a few hundred people in attendance. They donated all of the revenue from that tasting to Ethiopian Orphan Relief. Thank you so much, Chris!

It is gratifying to see local business owners (like Chris) make an effort to have an active role in the community. Mile High Wine has been supporting local and national non-profits since the very first month that they opened there doors four years ago. This is a statement to the leadership of businesses like this and we are excited to have them as a partner. If you like wine (or if you head over heals LOVE wine!) you should check out their website ( http://www.milehighwineandspirits.com ) and sign up for their online newsletter. It makes me sound like I know a thing or two about wine, when really I just pick by the label art…

If you live near by stop in and thank Chris yourself, and be sure to rub Zeke’s belly (calm down, Zeke’s the weimaraner).

-Greg Cradick [EOR Volunteer]


One thought on “Special Thanks… Mile High Wines.

  1. Wow, what a generous donation! I can’t wait to tell Mile High (who very generous last year during Art for Ethiopia) what they’ve done to help the children of Ethiopia.

    Thank you, Mile High Wines!!!

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