EOR Board of Directors, 2.0

It’s been 2 years since EOR’s inception, and with the anniversary come a few changes.  Board president and EOR founder, Danielle Marquis, and board member Dawn Finley have left the board to fulfill other commitments.  It was a wonderful first term, and we are lucky to have worked with such talented women.

I’d like to introduce Ethiopian Orphan Relief’s  officers for the current term:

Jane Gregorie (in Colorado) is EOR‘s treasurer.  Jane has served on the board since 2008.  She and her husband Greg have worked to plan our two Art for Ethiopia events in Denver.  In addition to serving as treasurer, Jane is an acupuncturist and is mama to handsome Ezra, who hails from Ethiopia.  Jane’s fiscal savvy is an incredible asset.  We are so lucky to have her.

Katie Bell (in Colorado) is EOR‘s secretary. Mother to 8 children, 5 who hail from Ethiopia, it’s amazing that Katie can emerge from the laundry pile long enough to volunteer.  Katie has served on the board since 2009,  but worked with EOR in a volunteer capacity long before that.  A top-notch organizer (so helpful when you are the mother of 8!), Katie will keep all of our ducks in a  row.

Paige Chapman-Layland (in Ohio) is EOR‘s vice-president, and has served on the board since its inception.  I offer no particular skill set, but I’m watching video footage of Dan Quayle, Gerald Ford and Joe Biden to learn how best to conduct myself.   I am mother to the delightful Elliott  and the talented Astrid Meklit, who (as one could guess) hails from Ethiopia.

Kim Pasion (in Oregon) is EOR‘s president.  She is a founding board member too.  Kim is more dedicated to meeting the needs of Ethiopia’s children than anyone I know.  If she isn’t working on EOR business, Kim is busy with her terrific children,  big kid Anthony  and gorgeous Annie Rose , yep, also from Ethiopia.

We all look forward to working with the rest of the board to meet the needs of Ethiopia’s orphans.  We hope YOU will join us too.


vice president, Ethiopian Orphan Relief, Inc.


6 thoughts on “EOR Board of Directors, 2.0

    • Ali,

      I should’ve said that although I have no particular skill set, the tribe is at the ready. Thanks for the offer, I’ll abuse it more than you can imagine!

  1. So much talent, compassion, and dedication in this group – former and current. Thanks to all for the incredible work that has been accomplished to bridge our worlds and give tangible love to those who need it. I look forward to more work/fun to come.

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