guest post

I've asked a few people around the blogosphere to write a guest post about adoption,
EOR, volunteering, raising children, etc.  The first terrific guest we'll hear from
is my dear friend, Amy.
Amy (and her husband Joel) are: stalwart supporters of EOR, volunteers for the
local Ethiopian cultural center, and most importantly, very dear friends to me.
 As always when asked, Amy immediately said, "yes" when I asked for a guest post.
Here it is:

Today is my 17th month waiting for my little one.  I expect to wait
several more months before the phone rings and changes my life.  My wait
has been twice as long as I  expected.  

There have been many unintended consequences of this wait.
My eyes have been opened to the complexities of adoption.  Seventeen months
ago I was quite naïve.  I thought of adoption as a win/win situation.
My husband and I would have the
family we’ve always wanted and a child would gain the family that they needed.
I am ashamed to say that I gave little thought to what happens in between.

The wait has allowed me to think about my child’s birthmother. What
must this be like for her?  Will she know how much her child is loved?
 Will she know that we will love her too and be forever thankful to her?  

Seventeen months ago I didn’t know that I would have to answer to my
child.  I didn’t think about all the questions he/she will have.
I thought he/she will never know the difference.  They will never
know another mother or father.  Now I know they will have
lots of questions about who they are, where they came from,
and why I got the privilege of raising them. 

I had no idea that I would make friendships that will last a lifetime.
I had hoped to meet other families that had adopted especially from
Ethiopia. I didn’t know that they would become like family to me.
They are brave enough to share the good and bad of parenting and adoption.  

I didn’t know that my family would “get it”.  The questions and concerns they
once had are now replaced with asking, “What is taking so long?”.  They want
to be a grandparent, aunt, uncle and cousin to our little one. 

As hard as this wait has been it has allowed me to prepare and (hopefully)
become a better person and mother. 


Thank you for sharing, Amy.  Like Astrid Meklit says, "you are SO cool!"


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