Thanks Kathy & the S5s!

When I returned from Ethiopia and was going through the mail that had accumulated on my desk during my absence, I was thrilled to find a fat envelope of checks from Kathy Dansky, Board Member Shawn Rodda’s mom. Inside was a letter from Kathy, and here’s a portion of what she wrote–

“Every year during the holiday season, my running group makes a donation to a local, national or international organization. We have been running together for 15+ years and call ourselves the “S5s”, after an item on the menu at the local Waffle Shop. We meet for a run on Saturday mornings then have breakfast together. Over the years, we have become incredibly good friends and have worked on numerous projects together.

The S5s all know the story of Lidya. In fact, when she came home from Ethiopia, they had a baby shower…even though they have only met Shawn, Justin and Lidya once or twice, they feel connected. When I passed around the folder of information about EOR, it wa a no-brainer. Everyone wanted to contribute!”

Kathy and the S5s raised $335 after a run over breakfast. What could your group of friends do?

Thanks, Kathy!



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