FAQ: Physical Donations

Q: I have a bunch of baby clothes that I would love to donate to children in need and was wondering if you could provide me with an address to ship them to in Ethiopia.

A: Due to the expense and uncertainty involved with shipping items to Ethiopia, we do not recommend that donations be delivered in this manner. As an organization, EOR no longer ships donations to Ethiopia, nor will we be bringing donations into the country on Board of Directors trips. We have learned that the best way to help out in Ethiopia is to purchase physical donations in country. If you’d like to help and will be travelling to Ethiopia, we encourage you to purchase needed items in country. If you’d like to help and won’t be travelling to Ethiopia, please consider making a donation to Ethiopian Orphan Relief. This past year we’ve funded playgrounds, a clinic, medications, a community center, toys and more for our orphanage partners. If you have gently used items such as baby clothes and toys, we suggest you donate them to a non-profit in your community working locally, such as Goodwill or The Salvation Army.



3 thoughts on “FAQ: Physical Donations

  1. Hi Danielle, I know this post is older, but I am just now seeing it. We are heading out to pick up our son on Feb. 20, and we have 6 large duffel bags of donations. (There are 6 of us traveling) Much of this is soy formula which is unavailable in Addis. Could you shoot me an email if possible to elaborate on what the problems might be with taking donations? Or if certain types of donations are more highly scrutinized than others?
    reneestauffer AT hotmail DOT com
    I would be so appreciative.

  2. Hello again~ I’ve not received the email, could you double check the address? reneestauffer @ hotmail . com

    Thanks ever so much!

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