In Honor

I write today in honor of my child–an AIDS orphan.  She herself is not HIV positive–but she was at birth and she carried those anitbodies around in her young body for close to 2 years.  While this is her story to share, I wanted to honor her birth mother and all the other HIV+/living with AIDS birth mothers around the world.  By 2010, there will be 20 million AIDS orphans around the world.  While it would be impossible to adopt all of those children into families–it is possible to help in other ways.

I can only imagine the fear that HIV+/Living with AIDS birth mothers live with on a daily basis–worried about passing the disease onto their children/babies.  Having to give them up/abandon them because they cannot breastfeed because of the disease and knowing that their babies will die if they don’t give them up–from lack of food.  This breaks my heart.  While I have a family built through adoption, I wish that no woman/family have to give up their children because they can’t get medical care or have access to other ways to nourish their children.

We can all help.  How will you help? What will you do?


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