…and now a word from super volunteer Krista

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I see when I look at my children. Somedays I don’t see much more than peanut butter in the hair and gobs of conditioner on the floor being used as facial lotion.. I see kids who are joyful, silly, tired and wild all mixed up in streaks of lightning running down the hall chasing each other. I see Russian and Ethiopian, pink, peach, tan, white, brown and black. But when I look past what my eyes can see, I see a good deal of me in my children. People sometimes comment about their mannerisms being similar to that of mine or my husbands; and I know we share a lot of the same likes (chocolate) and dislikes (spiders). My children seem to walk around holding mirrors that reflect what they see and experience from day to day. Recognizing that these tiny mirrors reflect my actions, attitudes and priorities, I find myself examining what I want to see when I look in them. Do I want to see a child worried with the pressures of life or a child excited to face the wonders of the day? I re-adjust my life to fit what I want for them. For example, one great way to teach my children to care about others is to care about others myself. I am thankful for the opportunities that Ethiopian Orphan Relief gives to show our children that we care about the happiness and well-being of children around the world. If it is true that the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree, may the fruit we produce be life-giving, nourishing and healthy for ourselves and those (especially the little ones) around us.



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