Gal pals, adoptive mamas, support group, friends–by any name, a vital part of this stressful adoption process.  All of the ladEEs above are involved in Ethiopian adoption–some of us have tots at home, some of us are still waiting, but we all share a common experience, a desire to raise an Ethiopian child.


That night (was it really only a week ago?) we were together to give a little ‘sprinkle’ for Amy, whose wait grows and grows.  Not a full blown shower, but a little gift-giving over dinner while we chatted and chatted about kids, travel in Ethiopia, EOR, court dates, agencies, etc.

As I drove 4 of us home, I had to laugh at the conversation.  As eager as Amy and the other prospective mamas are to know more about Ethiopia, those of us who have already met our tots can”t help but share our tales.  It feels so good to laugh with other people who know exactly how loud morning prayers can be, who remember traffic jams caused by sheep, who fell in love with dozens of amazing little people when we met our own children.

When I return home from our marathon Thanksgiving trip, the gal pals are getting together to celebrate a referral (or maybe two by then?) and a successful courtdate. While I love how vibant and supportive the internet community is, there’s nothing like hugging another adoptive mama a few hours after she sees the pictures of her son for the first time.

If you haven’t found your tribe, make the effort.  Friends always make life sweeter, and friends who know where you’ve been?  doubly so…




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