What would we do without the internet….

I am one of “those” people who just can’t seem to sleep when my husband is away on business trips! Every noise I hear I think for certain it is someone trying to get in our house! Needless to say when he travels I tend to spend time on the internet. The past few nights have been “sleepless” so I searched you tube! In less then a month, myself along with two other EOR board members will be traveling to Ethiopia. We will be spending part of our trip working with the Union College Chapter of Engineers Without Borders. We will help build a well in Boru, Ethiopia. This is a small village outside of Dessie. I’ve never been to Dessie so wanted to see if I could find any videos on Youtube about this village. To my delight I stumbled across two videos that were filmed by Union College Students!

Dessie Project Part One

Dessie Project part two

It’s been great to show my children where we I will be traveling too, thanks to the internet!

My husband arrived back home this afternoon, so I will no longer be Sleepless In The Pacific Northwest.


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