Last Minute Thoughts

I’ve spent most of the day today putting the finishing touches on the check in/out files, making tags, and doing various other things to get ready for Art for Ethiopia tomorrow. I’m a little nervous and a lot excited.

Really I just hope we raise a lot of money for our various projects, mainly the well. Today I read an article in 5280 magazine about a girl from Ethiopia who has been granted asylum here in the United States after spending years in an Ethiopian prison (enduring rape and horrific abuse) and then escaping and journeying through numerous countries to get here. It makes me sad to think about how she has no idea if her family is alive, in prison, or wandering around Africa like she did for so long. I constantly wonder what Lidya’s life would have been like had she stayed with her birth mother, and hope that her birth mother somehow knows that Lidya is safe and loved.

Deep thoughts for a Friday…sorry. If you are reading this PLEASE come out tomorrow night and support EOR at Art for Ethiopia. Ignore the 6-12″ of snow that are predicted (ugh)…it will be well worth it I promise!




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