Finally… Finally I am going to Ethiopia. $%^?? !!! I am not ready. I am leaving in 1 month. Haven’t got my final immunizations…. haven’t checked the climate…. and have not even considered what to pack. Hope that I make it to the airport. The planning never seems to work out for me. This is the second time I have planned this trip. I seem to recall the last time around I was more prepared. At that time I was ready… tons of free time on my hands. Now I am in a VERY different place. This time I will be travelling with EOR board members and leaving my family at home.

My previously planned trip fell to pieces when I gave birth 4 short days prior to departure. My sweet husband had to go pick up our 7.5 month old daughter without me. I have dreamed of going ever since.

I guess I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. I have a few of the major preparations complete.

  1. CHILDCARE- A mother in law to help my sweetie with the cyclone sisters (3 and 2.5 years old).
  2. TIME OFF- 2 weeks off from catching babies (midwife).
  3. TICKETS- I think??? Kim said she bought them, but I haven’t seen the credit card bill yet.

Overall, I am feeling nervously excited. I am thrilled to finally visit the country my sweet Meron was born in. I have seen thousands of photos, read a armful of books, and viewed hours of videos. Guessing that actually being there will be an amazing and life changing experience. Damn. That reminds me- I need to get my camera fixed too. Add it to the list.

The nervous part of “nervously excited” includes the fact that I will be so far away. This trip puts my previous trip to Europe to shame….”Very far” on so many different levels. Distance, culture, and wealth just to name a few. I am also nervous about visiting the orphanages. My heart is generally open and I often allow myself to feel deeply. The children will move me. I know it.

Well, I have one month to prepare. I am sure I will be packed, immunized, and at the airport on time. I certainly will miss my sweet family, my cozy house, and the general flow of my daily existence. Perhaps when I return my eyes will be more open and my drive to improve this earth in any small way will be refueled.







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