Custom Art Cards by Ethiopian Children

We are so excited to share that our Art Cards for 2009 are now available for purchase!

Need a gift for a teacher, babysitter, a grandparent who has everything? We have the perfect gift!! Our second series of note cards, designed by Ethiopian children, are now available for purchase. Each card is a high quality folded style notecard, printed on heavy card stock, with a bio of the artist on the back of the card.

All the proceeds will go towards EOR projects! If you would like to purchase please contact and mark a few things off your shopping list! These cards would also make great holiday cards.

Here are a few sample of the style of cards available. The Tsegereda series has six notecards and is $12.00, The Africa and watercolor series have 8 cards each and are priced at $15.00.

A HUGE thank you goes to Barbra at Paper Rabbit Designs in Portland, Oregon. Barbra has been an amazing supporter of EOR since the beginning. She shares her talent and design in printing our cards! Her generosity is amazing and we love her!



Tsegereda designs 09 insertWatercolor designs 09 insert



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