Melkam Lidet

The tibs, like the rest of Astrid Meklit’s birthday party, were a success.  I followed the recipe pretty carefully, although when it was time to dice the green pepper, I noticed mine had gone missing.  My rotten children ate the dish before it was cooked, or at least the green pepper part of it  Luckily, the dish did not seem to suffer for it–it was declared delicious by many, including the guest of honor.

It was so much fun to get together with the people my 3 year old adores–there were other Ethiopian kids, some playgroup friends, and of course lots of adults to make sure all of the tibs and ye messir wat was eaten.   We are so grateful to know so many other Ethiopian adoptive families, to be friends with so many Ethiopians.  Although a life in Ethiopia spent with her first family is preferable, I’m happy that the life my daughter lives is filled with people who share her heritage.  Melkam Lidet, Meklit konjo–you enrich our lives in so so many ways….bdtwo


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