quack, quack, quack…

While we’re putting all of our ducks in a row, looking for guest bloggers, filling in the schedule and the like, I have a question for all of you. What can we tell you?  What are you looking for when you come to visit the site?


I know when we began our Ethiopian adoption journey almost 4 years ago, I was hungry for information about Ethiopia, Ethiopian adoption, raising African children in a larger African-American community, etc. The pickings were much slimmer 4 years ago–there were fewer bloggers, fewer organizations, etc.  I found some favorites of course, looked carefully at a variety of international-adoption focused blogs, and was thrilled when I found gems, like the blog written by the woman who volunteered for AAI.  Over the last 4 years, a great deal has changed.  With so many agencies and so many more Ethiopian adoptions, there are many more resources to choose from.  Although we won’t be the sole voice of information, we’d love to be a reliable source for information.


So tell us, what would you like to know?




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