Pretty, pretty, pretty please


America’s Giving Challenge–daily $1000.00 prize (Facebook causes)

Many of you visit us on Facebook–we have an active cause page with more than 650 members.  We’re happy you’re part of Ethiopian Orphan Relief’s success, and now we’re asking a favor of you:

Today’s the day! From now until 3 pm EST tomorrow (October 20) please, please, please take the opportunity to donate to Ethiopian Orphan Relief, Inc. The charity with the most donations in that 24 hour period will win $1000. A thousand dollars? What kind of orphan care project could we do with that kind of money? We could buy a playground, outfit a library or school room, buy an autoclave, buy antibiotics and other necessary medications, pay for a large portion of a water filtration system, pour a foundation for a small building,,,, the list is endless. So is the need. Make no mistake–every dollar you donate benefits orphans directly. Please help us win the daily challenge. We need your help in 2 ways:

Please donate 10.00 or more (you can do so today, and also tomorrow between midnight and 3 pm EST).
Please encourage all of your Facebook friends to do the same. So much good will come from so little effort.

Thanks Friends of Ethiopia–you all rock a thousand ways!

Paige, FB nag, and EOR’s annual fund chair


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