Keen Shoes Rock! 1,500 pairs of shoes donated

Keen Shoes Rock!!! EOR has a wonderful volunteer here in Portland that has given many hours of her time collecting shoes for Ethiopia. She has had collection boxes located in the Portland area and she personally secured a HUGE HUGE donation from Keen Shoes! They donated over 1,500 pairs of shoes! Way to go Keen!! The shoes filled a minivan, Ford pick up and a Tahoe! She will be delivering countless suitcases of shoes when they visit Ethiopia in the near future. EOR will be delivering some of the shoes on behalf of this wonderful volunteer and Keen when we travel in December. The shoes will help girls at Children’s Heaven, Kids at SOS EE Toukoul and several orphanages! EOR is so lucky to have such amazing volunteers! Thanks to *** (she wishes to remain anonymous) for personally taking on this wonderful project! Were proud of you and all our volunteers! We all think Keen Rocks!! Next time your thinking of buying shoes we hope Keen is at the top of your list!! Their generosity is amazing!!

KEEN donates over 1,500 pairs of shoes to orphanages in Ethiopia

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