Talking To Preschool Kids About Adoption

My daughter started preschool a couple weeks ago, and her teacher asked if I’d come in and talk to the class about adoption, because they’re working on a unit about “family.” I wasn’t really sure what to say, so I did some research and brought along my daughter’s Life Book. Here was the gist of my talk:

1. Adopted kids are born the same way as everyone else.

2. Adopted kids grew inside another woman, but that woman wasn’t able to be a mommy to any baby at that time.

3. Adoptive parents want to be parents very much.

4. Once adoptive parents adopt a child, the child belongs to that family forever and ever, just like if the child had grown inside the mommy.

After I went through this general outline, we flipped through my daughter’s Life Book and showed the kids pictures of Ethiopia. They LOVED looking at pictures of “Baby Amelie” and were really into it. My daughter was really proud to show them where she came from, and she felt very special when she was the only kid who could identify the continent of Africa, the country of Ethiopia and the city of Harar on a map.

At the end we had a Q&A session, and the kids only had questions about the plane we took to Ethiopia–which seems about right for 3 & 4 year olds. When I was trying to explain that it took 2 days to get to Ethiopia on the plane, one little boy raised his hand and said,

“Yea, that’s far. But have you ever been to Michigan? THAT’s far.”



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