EOR Partners with Crafty Mommy!

Brayson's 1st Birthday Party

Brayson's 1st Birthday Party

We are pleased to announce that Ethiopian Orphan Relief has recently partnered with Crafty Mommy Autumn. As you may know, Autumn makes the gorgeous custom Ethiopian baby dolls we sell in our EOR store. Since returning home from Ethiopia with her gorgeous little girl, Autumn has announced that she will donate 15% of all the sales on her Etsy site to EOR–check it out, she makes the coolest custom banners EVER.

I just ordered one for my kids–it’ll be the “birthday constant” around here–and it couldn’t be any cuter (or creative or well sewn!). I told her what I wanted it to say (the incredibly creative “Happy Birthday”), mentioned I’d like it to be gender neutral so it could  be used for everyone’s birthday, and asked to have all the letters hand stitched and *poof!* it arrived in the mail cuter than I could have imagined. I love Etsy. And I love creative types like Crafty Mommy.

Thank you Autumn! You rock!



One thought on “EOR Partners with Crafty Mommy!

  1. My daughter has the cutest doll you have ever seen and it was made by Crafty Mommy. She has amazing detail in her sewing! A great Etsy site for sure and also a very generous mom who is giving back. Way to go Autumn!

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