Lemonade Stands for EOR

It’s June and with the warm weather, it’s probably safe to assume your kids are getting excited to open their lemonade stands for the summer. If so, and you’re looking for ways to teach your children to give back, please consider hosting a lemonade stand to benefit Ethiopian Orphan Relief. We had several children participate in this program last summer, and they were able to raise quite a bit of money–and feel good about themselves in the process.

Here are some tips to help your kids Make a Stand:

1. Attract a Crowd: Help your kids make flyers and signs to promote their stand–the larger, more colorful and full of kid drawings, the better. Use an old sheet as a table cloth and have the kids paint on it with fabric paint. Decorate the driveway with chalk. Add an element of fun by setting up a simple ring toss game where customers can win a free goody. Combine the stand with a garage sale or set it up outside the local grocery store to bring in more foot traffic.

2. Offer Snacks: Offer tasty treats like homemade cookies or baggies full of homemade trailmix-a combination of Cheerios, dried fruit, M&Ms and nuts is popular at our house.

3. Make Homemade Lemonade: The instant stuff is fine, but if you want your customers to keep coming back, offer something really special and delicious–the recipe below is guaranteed to be worth $0.50.

1 c. fresh lemon juice (about 5 lemons)

4 c. cold water

1/2 c. superfine sugar

1 c. ice

If your child participates in this summer fundraising program, please send us pictures along with your donation! We’d love to post a special thank you on this blog.

Happy Summer,


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