Spring Cleaning, yo.

It’s my favorite time of the year! The time when I get to organize and clean and make our house all sparkly and new-like. I like it so much, I also “Spring Clean” in the fall. Which is slightly annoying, I know.

When purging and organizing, I like to donate as much as possible to those in need–no need to clog the landfills. I also like to donate anything and everything to Africa whenever possible–I’ve seen first hand how much they need this stuff. In that vein, I figured I’d share with you some of the places I’ve found to donate used physical goods in the past, that directly benefit someone somewhere in Africa. Maybe some of you are about to start your spring cleaning, or maybe you are nesting the heck out of your house in anticipation of your new child’s arrival–whatever the case, if you know of somewhere else to donate used goods that benefits Africa, please post it in the comments!

Books for Africa accepts newer fiction & nonfiction; primary, secondary & college textbooks; reference books; medical, nursing, IT & law books; Bibles; school & office supplies. You ship the books to their warehouse in GA, or drop them off personally at their warehouse in Atlanta or St. Paul. They then send large containers to Africa to stock rural school libraries, orphanage libraries, adult literacy programs and community resource center libraries. I sent all of my college and law school textbooks–it was easier to let them go knowing they were going to such a good home where they could make a real difference in someone’s life. 

Unite for Sight accepts used eyeglasses in good condition.

Crutches 4 Africa accepts used crutches, canes, walkers & wheelchairs. Kinda random, but my husband had knee surgery, so we had crutches lying around in our garage!

Sports Gift accepts and distributes sporting equipment to children living in poverty all over the world, including in Africa.

Shoe 4 Africa accepts used running shoes with at least 100 miles left on them for a running program in Africa.

Sole 4 Souls accepts used shoes of all types for distribution in Africa.

Nike Reuse a Shoe has drop boxes in many of its stores for used running shoes that wouldn’t be appropriate for other forms of donation–the shoes are ground up and turned into sports courts and playground groundcover around the world.

Another way to help is to have a garage sale, with all the cash donated to EOR or your other favorite African charity. We did this in my nesting spree before Amelie came home–supplementing our garage sale with a sale on Ebay for the “name” things (i.e., old cameras, etc.) and a sale on Craig’s List for the bulky stuff (i.e., my kayak, *sniff*).

Happy Cleaning (and Happy Spring!),



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