Happy Birthday to…ME!

So. I just bought myself a very early birthday gift. My birthday is June 30th. And it’s my 30th. 30 on 30. And I really, really, really wanted a new bike. I haven’t ridden my bike since I was in law school–because mine was stolen. I borrowed a friend’s who’d moved away for awhile, but never bought a new one. Then I had kids and had no real need for a full suspension mountain bike, so it seemed kinda silly to replace. And my (Adorable! Lovely!) husband bought me RAM for my laptop for our Anniversary, so he can’t really be trusted with the hints I’ve been dropping about my need for a bike for the last year.

Get to the point, Danielle. What does this have to do with Ethiopian orphans?

Um, nothing, really. (Edited to say…) Actually, I just realized it DOES having something to do with Ethiopian orphans, read on! It also has to do with Africa and HIV/AIDS because I bought this bike in a perfect storm of an REI dividend about to expire, an REI anniversary sale on bikes, a 20% off member’s coupon, free shipping and assembly at the local store AND a 2% cash donation to EOR because REI participates in IGive (and you should too! Go sign up at www.igive.com and everytime you shop online, EOR will magically be given money on your behalf as well!). For every 2 purchased, the manufacturer (Kona) donates one to HIV/AIDS workers in Africa. The bike was actually designed for them, and only became available in the US because the design was so cool and practical and people following the whole Africa Bike movement demanded it. So I’m the proud owner of a very cool, slightly badass, 3 speed cruiser–complete with basket, rack and bell. And it’s my favorite color.

My son is getting a bike seat and helmet to ride along with me for his 1st birthday on the 13th of May and my daughter is getting her own bike with training wheels and a helmet for her 3rd birthday July 2nd.

Doesn’t everyone envision themselves a biker at 30?



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