Honoring Mothers

I just want to apologize to my fellow EOR ladies for being lame and missing my post last week.  Things in my life have been crazy and while this is no excuse for shirking my responsibilities and I have been shirking.

This is the time of year that I begin to think a great deal about my two children’s birth mothers.  I think of them often, but this time of year I think about them even more.  Part of that is because we got Noah’s referral just a mere 3 days before Mother’s Day 2006.  It certainly made the first Mother’s Day bittersweet.

Birthmother’s are special and so often they get a bad wrap or are just forgotten.  I know when we first began the adoption journey, I leaned heavily towards international adoption because I will admit that I would have been very scared to have birthmother involvement.  What if my child loved the birthmother more, etc.  I realize now those fears were petty.  Maybe they seem more petty now because my children will never get to know their birthmothers.  They will never know what their birthmother’s were thinking when they gave them to “us.”

I struggle with ways to honor Noah and Zoë’s birthmothers.  The past two years I have planted annuals.  I think maybe this year I will plant two perrinals that will come back every year and remind each child of the special women half a world away that made it possible for us to be a family.  My hearts breaks for these women and I hope they know just how much we respect and love them and just how amazing their children are.  How healthy and loved and special they are.

Another way to honor mothers, especially those of us with Ethiopian children is to make a donation to EOR in honor of not just us but also our children’s birthmothers who so graciously have entrusted us to honor them, their culture and their children.



2 thoughts on “Honoring Mothers

  1. I really like the idea of a perennial planted each year in their honor–a tree would be really cool, too. I need to start doing this for Amelie–thanks for the reminder (and thanks for the post–we know you’re busy with the end of the semester and appreciate the work you do for EOR! We’ll miss you in Portland, but will be thinking of you!)


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